Man with Grandsons

Men of Hope

Pastor Jeff Fauntleroy

PURPOSE: Promoting and fostering an environment for men to experience spiritual and personal growth through biblical teaching, mentoring, fellowshipping, and experiential living to live a better life. 

Happy Kids with Books

Angles of Hope

Pastor Demarcus Smith

The purpose of Angels of Hope nursery ministry is to provide a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere for the nursery age children of our members and visitors, which honors the Lord and supports the parents in the care and education of their children, in a consistently safe, clean and wholesome facility through a caring, qualified, and motivated nursery staff. 1st, 3rd & 4th  Sunday’s

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Worship & Arts

Minon Sarten

As Levites our responsibility is to set the atmosphere and make it conducive for God’s presence; giving Him nothing but our best.

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Pastor Jeff Fauntleroy

We are a ministry that reaches out to those who are disadvantaged in the community. We provide services through various programs and activities monthly.

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Social Justice

Pastor Melvin Smith

The work of promoting peace, protecting life and ensuring justice is integral to our faith. The Social Justice Ministry at the House of Hope Atlanta seeks to promote the peace and justice of God.

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Pastor Jennifer Carner

The Ushers Ministry welcomes guests and members and regularly participates in worship services by assisting with literature distribution, directing and seating guests, and collecting offerings.

Army Medals

Veterans Forces

Pastor Melvin Smith


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Pastor Jeffrey Fauntleroy

Our ministry creates opportunities and training to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who are lost. This ministry collaborates with the Outreach and Ministers to connect with those who do not have a relationship with Christ.

Digital social media

Marketing & Media

Benton Aladin

The mission of the Marketing, Media and Creative Service Department is to reach broadly and effectively. Our primary purpose is to clearly and creatively communicate the Senior Pastor’s vision to the congregation, the community and the world at large. MMCS is composed of creative individuals that serve in a variety of areas, which include: Live Camera Operations, IMAG, Social Media, Scriptwriting, Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Online Bookstore, Marketing, App Development and Maintenance, Photography, Production Technicians, Lighting, Film and Commercial Production, Hope Happenings.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Finance Ministry

Pastor Jennifer Carner

The Finance Ministry is designed to help individuals, families, businesses, and the church become financially successful God’s way. The Finance ministry creates partnerships, provides technology, counseling, and education.


Life University

Dr. Sharon Mitchell

Life University is a Christian education component at the HOHA. Life University provides believers with a safe space to connect, learn, share and grow within small groups. Life University consists of both Life Groups and Growth groups.

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Hope Marriage

Pastor Sherice Cross

Preparing, Maximizing, And Vitalizing Marriages
Let’s Grow Together!

Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall become united and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24 AMPC

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Assimilations & Connections

Pastor Melvin Smith

PUROSE: Leading members on an intentional discipleship path of life in spiritual discipline and formation through various forms of ministry for living a better and healthier life to glorify God.

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Pastor Jennifer Carner

The Hospitality Ministry greets and welcomes members and visitors in order to create a warm and friendly environment to those who enter the church for service or events. This ministry also provides support for guest speakers, recording artists, and assists during funeral & repast services.



Pastor Sherice Cross

The Mothers Ministry serves our congregation by providing support during ordinance activities within the ministry. They also serve as mentors to younger women within the congregation.

Image by Amisha Nakhwa

Nursing Home

Minister Pamela Hicks

This ministry provides worship and ministry services to local nursing homes.

Women with a Cause

Women of Hope

Pastor Sherice Cross

The Women of Hope exist to equip women through the word God, to be fit for the master’s use spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically.

Happy Senior Couple

Senior Adult 

Dr. Sharon Mitchell

The Senior Adult Ministry hosts events and activities that encourage fellowship among seasoned adults, seniors, and members within the church and community.

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Health & Wellness

Pastor Sherice Cross

We are a ministry that serves our congregation and community. Our focus is holistic health, care, and comfort.

Prayer Group


Dr. Sharon Mitchell

The Prayer Ministry is a continual, effectual, fervent prayer organization that intercedes for our Pastor, his family, church leadership, and the congregation. This ministry also intercedes on behalf of those who request prayer, as well as for our communities, cities, countries, and the entire world.

Image by Clarke Sanders


Deonna Gordon

PURPOSE: Providing a healthy environment where singles can encounter God and get connected with a community of singles through experiencing authentic and genuine fellowship and spiritual formation.  (Ages Groups: 19-25, 26-35, & 36+).

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Visitation & Bereavement

Minister Pam Hicks

Our ministry provides care and support to those who are ill and those who are bereaved throughout our church family. We also provide support through post bereavement services. 

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Starting Point New Members Ministry

Dr. Sharon Mitchell

The Starting Point Ministry provides the first touch for persons interested in becoming a member at the HOHA. The ministry assists new members in becoming acclimated with the HOHA. The ministry further assists in the facilitation, development, and oversight of New Member Intake, Baptism, Orientation/Starting Point, The Link Ministry Expo, which connects members to ministries and Life University, and graduation.

Kids in Church

Hope Kids

Pastor Demarcus Smith

HOPE Kids is here to introduce children of all ages to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in a relationship with Him.  We believe children are of utmost importance in the Kingdom of God.

Chuch Choir

Hope Student 9-12

Pastor Demarcus Smith

Hope Teens exists to introduce teens, grades 9th – 12th grade, to a saving belief in Jesus Christ and to then provide them with resources for spiritual growth where they will have the opportunity to develop a Godly lifestyle that will create mature relationships and promote service to both God and others.

Sign Language Course

Hope Student 6-8

Pastor Demarcus Smith

Hope Teens exists to introduce teens, grades 6th -8th grade, to a saving belief in Jesus Christ and to then provide them with resources for spiritual growth where they will have the opportunity to develop a Godly lifestyle that will create mature relationships and promote service to both God and others.

Young Businesswomen

Young Adult

Deonna Gordon

Hope Young Adult Ministry (YAM) targets those ages 25-35 but not limited to age. Hope YAM is designed to encourage the continual nontraditional worship of the 21st Century millennial.


Hope College

Deonna Gordon

The Hope College Ministry targets all current college students. Our goal is to reach, impact, inspire and help students on college campuses grow in and stay connected to Christ.


Ministers of Hope

Dr. Sharon Mitchell

The Ministers of Hope is the formally recognized body of Ministers In Training, Licensed, and Ordained Ministers, who actively assist in serving the ministerial needs of the Church. Membership is by invitation, application, and subject to specific membership requirements. 



Pastor Melvin Smith

This ministry provides visitation services to those who are incarcerated. We also provide support to those who are adversely affected by having a loved one incarcerated.



Dr. Sharon Mitchell

The Deacons provide service to the church through spiritual leadership and care for the disadvantaged in the congregation. They provide service to the sick and shut-in and give support to the Pastor as he directs.


Deacons Wives

Dr. Sharon Mitchell

The Deacon Wives provide support to the ministry in supporting their husbands as they work various assignments in the ministry.